Smart home and office solutions for SMEs

Smart homes and office automations always use the latest technology for completely centralizing control of lightings, motorized curtains, blinds, electrical appliances and AC. The technology is known to have integrated with some of the other systems like card access control systems, CCTV, AV systems, garden watering system and more, for enhancing convenience and comfort with security. For us, at The Drape Arc, the main goal is security and energy saving, whether for residential or the commercial sectors.

Future trend revolving around home and office automation:

It was not quite long ago when the idea of home automation came into consideration along with Smart homes solutions in India. At first, it was all about programmable thermostats designed to regulate ambient temperature for the HVAC systems or even security buzzer alarms that might go off after detecting any kind of power circuit failures or intrusions. Right now, the market has evolved and all welcoming some other trends.

The home automation devices will be able to monitor and minimize energy consumption to a great extent. Smart electrical devices will be switched off automatically whenever failing to detect human presence for predefined time.

  • Using tablets, smartphones and iPads as home automation interface will become common and pervasive as mobile apps helps in controlling touch screens and wall switches.
  • You can witness increase of IP or TCP connection support for home appliances.
  • Proficient use of IP cameras will help in boosting professional based security standards.
  • Our builders will deliver home automation for increasing customer satisfaction and offering luxurious options.

Benefits involved:

Now, you might be wondering why people are associated with Smart homes solutions in Gujarat. Going through the benefits will help you big time.

  • Safety: You have the right to program smart homes to respond to emergencies. You can easily train it to avoid hazards causing emergencies by letting home safety sensor identify patterns, which otherwise might cause trouble.
  • Health: You can easily connect fitness apps and devices to get expert help right at your fingertips. It will help your home to become deluxe game.
  • Energy savings: You don’t have to worry about turning off lights. All you have to do is just check your phone. You can easily program lights to turn on and off.

Introducing smart office solutions for SMEs:

The market is already offering smart office solutions for the SMEs. Smart office is primarily innovative form of single box solution, mainly designed to match all communication and information technology needs of business. It is mainly the powerful combination with location of data, voice, apps and storage.

  • This Smart Office seems to be reliable, affordable, easy to deploy and also a perfect choice for the new ventures, which are up for an office to start.
  • Smart Office helps in addressing major points like managing multiple devices and technologies at the same time. It offers ICT solutions, which are termed to be futuristic, robust and even cost-effective in nature.
  • It helps in offering functionality of multiple devices like Wi-Fi Router, IP PBX, Data Router, Doodhuner Server and Firewall, which helps in establishing telecom infrastructure of the enterprise.

The primary aim of Smart Office is to help the businesses in their growth for long. We are always in the lookout to strive to design and propose innovative and cost-effective ICT solutions for all the SMEs out there. Thanks to All In One Box Telecom services, you don’t have to worry further about the capital investment in businesses, mainly for the telecom infrastructure, start-ups and more.

Why Drape Arc:

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