Designing Works

Just constructing a house is not the end of story as it comes with a designing element to it. Creating a basic structure is just the beginning, as building a house comes with a lot of parts. We, at The Drape Arc, are able to address our client’s needs and present them with multiple types of design services as noted in constructional areas.

We are covering multiple commercial, residential and industrial platforms through our proficient Designing Works In Gujarat. Here, we are covering multiple areas like:

  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Residential areas
  • Commercial or official spaces
  • Industrial areas like warehouses,Factrory, and more

Below mention parameter also consider during design of project.

  • Energy distribution
  • Building control systems
  • Energy supply
  • Working on lifts and escalators
  • Fire safety, protection and detection
  • Lighting and lighting protection
  • Security and alarm systems
  • Water, plumbing and drainage, and more

Each place has its own level of specifications, which we are proud to fulfil. We will make your interior designs pop up right by offering perfect solutions and more.

Need of an important design in construction:

Whether for the residential units or the commercial grounds, constructional area is always in need of an important design. All our buildings are designs after consulting with a Vastu specialist, just to make your living a memorable one.

Covering your interior needs and architecture:

Whether you like out standard architecture or have something unique idea in mind, we have it sorted out just for you. We will first create an architecture layout of your place, and upon approval, we will start working on the results. Even if you need help with the interior needs, we have you covered on that. Some of the interior help are:

  • Working on plumbing lines and drainage help
  • Creating some in-built cupboards and boxes
  • Lighting fixtures, and more

Latest trends we follow:

On the other hand, we have selected multiple future trends underDesigning Works In India, which help our constructions stand out in the crowd. Some of the latest trends we are following in the current construction industry are:

  • Pre-fab construction
  • Permanent modular construction
  • Energy efficient building
  • Single design model
  • Proficient and new materials
  • Building information modelling

Reasons to choose The Drape Arc:

For us, a designing work or construction is not any simple job but a level of creativity. We would love to work with different people with various mind set and help them get what they have always dreamt of in terms of a building, whether residential or commercial.

  • We ensure to only target the experienced professionals in terms of constructional jobs
  • Even for our designing and interior decoration tasks, we will hire experienced professionals
  • We are able to work on customized planning, just to get this idea sorted out as per client’s requirements

Right from tools to materials and unlimited hard working labour hours, we have everything settled just for you.

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