Commercial Property Management Services

Commercial Property Management

Commercial property management is mainly covering daily operations of complexes and buildings for commercial use. The duties typically include colleting rents, negotiating leases, supervising cleaning and maintenance activities. The property managers from The Drape Arc will be the one covering all these tasks along with extra services, like processing payrolls and pay insurances, tax bills and mortgages. Some of our added duties include communicating with property owner about occupancy level, dealing with property condition and preparing some financial statements.

Dealing with our business logic:

We, at The Drape Arc, have a team of talented commercial property managers, who have already specialized in various sectors. So, we are able to understand the challenges and speak languages of your current industry. For any form of commercial property, our experts will be the one managing leading, sales, managements, financing and consulting based practices, to help improve the performance of your current real estate.

We are the one working on agency leasing. We make leased and owned office spaces more valuable by improving the productivity level and financial condition. You can count on us for designing and executing investment strategies to help produce market leading and consistent returns throughout your cycle of asset. Our team will be able to improve the performance of industrial assets and portfolios, just on behalf of developers, investors, property owners and tenants. If that’s not enough, you can count on us for helping investors, retailers and developers but, lease, sell and manage some retail assets and portfolios. So, overall, for anything to do with Commercial Property Management in Gujarat, you can always count on us for the best help.

Our user benefits are designed for everyone, right from owner willing to sell the commercial property to buyer, agent and even real estate developers. Anyone can join us for selling or buying commercial properties in legalized manner. We have all authorized and legal documents under our kitty and will follow the governmental norms while dealing with real estate practices.

What makes us a leading name?

In this highly competitive environment, being at the top is difficult. Still, we have made out way to the top due to sheer hard work and dedicated services. Now, you must be wondering what makes The Drape Arc your reliable trusted commercial property manager. Well, let’s find out together!

  • We are able to present critical thinking and insight on opportunities and trends in the commercial property management sector.
  • Being a reputed Commercial Property Management in India, we will help you find the right management of commercial properties to suit your needs.
  • Right from investment sales and leasing based transactions to advisory and outsourcing services, we deliver the top-notch quality services to our clients.

So, without wasting any time further, log online and head to us for comprehensive services. We are always there to help you big time.


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