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The use of 3D printing in the constructional area is booming with every passing day. There are multiple manufacturers of 3D printers available lately, who are making this masterpiece possible. Desktop-based 3D printers are quite diverse, whether it is associated with delta printers, polar machines or even robotic arms. Right now, it has the capability to extrude concrete, making it rather possible to build some structures of multiple complexities, right from houses to bridges and even skyscrapers. The Drape Arc is one such 3D printing companies, which is designed to create full buildings right from concrete and other materials. We are proud to offer you with 3D Printing Home Solutions in Gujarat right on time.

New trends of 3D printing in the construction and building industry:

3D printing is an advanced form of manufacturing procedure designed to produce complex shape geometrics in an automatic manner from 3D computer-based design model, without using any fixtures, tools and dies.

  • This automated form of manufacturing procedure can be applied to multiple fields of industries because of the significant advantages of creating some functional prototypes within a reasonable time frame.
  • Thanks to this modernistic approach, you won’t need much human intervention and can come up with structural designs for residential, commercial and industrial buildings with the minimum waste created.

Benefits revolving around 3D printing in constructional areas:

Building on-site, logistic costs and reducing operation with modified designs – these are some of the major benefits involved with 3D printing in construction areas. With the help of software development, structure designs will change from pencil sketching to the current digital format. Our 3D Printing Home Solutions in India allows us to build Nano pieces to concrete houses within a span of a few hours and only by following a systematic way by adding materials in layers. Not just associated with concrete, but our mechanism applies to multiple materials like polymers, plastics, sandstone, resins or metals.

  • 3D printing helps in increasing flexibility in designs without compromising in structural stability
  • It integrates components into built structures
  • It can easily integrate some of the last minute changes to the design
  • It reduces operation in the construction area with the ability to produce components on site

Catch up with us for help:

We have selected the best professionals with immense knowledge in the field of 3D printing. So, working on your new constructional work within time and creating a perfect design won’t be a challenging task for us. Call us at +91 8140656537, +91 7698939892 or email us at hello@drapearc.com for some more details.

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