Eco Green Smoking Launge Planning, Constructing & Maintenance Services

At office or in commercial areas like hotels and restaurant, you will always find people smoking. Around 25% of office workers smoke over here. So, the employer or the managers of the hotel have to invest in an indoor solution, specifically designed for the smokers. That’s when the idea and concept of Eco Green Smoking Lounge in Gujarat came into being. It is primarily like a glass enclosed area, designed with utmost ventilation and air, and only for the smokers. Smokers can enter the glass cabin, shut them out from the others indoor, and smoke till their heart content.

This cabin is no doubt eco-friendly as it won’t release the harmful air to other people enjoying their meal in the restaurant or working. Even the smoked air is filtered through ventilation and then removed in outer space. We are here to offer you with low costing and image friendly solution, which will help asthma and other heart disease patients to work in peace without fearing of the smoke coming and hitting them.

More about our indoor smoking cabin:

We have taken into consideration the available space, the shape and even your requirements first before making the eco-friendly smoking lounge. We, at The Drape Arc are happy to further ideas on the smoking lounge by providing you with a basic outline of our items.

  • We are here to offer you with a set of elegant and practical shelters, which were developed to offer sufficient protection and even comfort for the smoking just outside the building and even covering some indoor parts.
  • You will have a glass enclosure, which helps you to see outside even from inside the room smoking and vice versa.
  • We can further equip the smoking lounge with sitting arrangements, tables to keep your cigarettes, space for keeping your ashtrays and more. We have shelves too for some storage purposes.
  • Our team is here to offer you with galvanized constructions with powdered paint coating. The side, rear and front sides of the walls re made out of tempered glass. 

So, be sure to choose us for Eco Green Smoking Lounge in India anytime you want.

Choose us for help:

If you don’t have any clear idea on the right eco-green smoking lounge for your office or other commercial spots, log online at our official URL and let us offer you with promising results. You can further give us a call and we will head back to you as soon as possible.


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