Spa & Cafeterias Consturuction & Floor Planning Services

As the café and spa industries continue to grow, greater variations of cafeterias and spas are now emerging. Knowing what to offer by each can always be confusing for newcomers and even for the spa veterans, mainly when the spa categories can be used interchangeably. We, at The Drape Arc, are all set to offer you with the most proficient constructional, design and implementation help in terms of Spa Cafeterias in Gujarat. Whether you want to build a basic one or going for an advanced unique modernistic approach, we are down to help.

Types of spas constructed:

Before you head to our spa option, let’s just learn more about the types involved in this section for quick help. We have segmented our types under multiple heads.

  • Ayurvedic spa center: Designed to address some of the Ayurveda treatment in its therapeutic versions, using aromatic oil and incense sticks.
  • Boot camp spa:  Here, you can get treatment as expected from the traditional spa, like manicure, facial and more. It comes to additional workout classes and educational talks listed out in the center.
  • Club spa: This form of the spa is situated within larger health club or gym session.  Adjoining fitness facilities at these spas are presented to the members.
  • Day Spa: The services are different than what you get in spa hotels, where guests will enjoy facials, body scrubs and wraps, massages and more.

Types of cafes:

We are proud to plan, design and finally construct some of the top-notch quality cafes for you. Here, we will make use of maximum space available to provide all sorts of necessary and modernistic furnishing approach to space.

  • Indoor café: As understood from the name, this form of café is located inside a restaurant and has limited space. We will take complete account of the space to add cabinet, storage system, coffee making center and more, under one tight budget-friendly package.
  • Outdoor café: This kind of café can be seen just outside a restaurant or hotel and on the footpath. We will decorate that outdoor space with sheds and more, for a better warm and friendly café drinking experience.

Aftercare maintenance is available: Once we have constructed Spa Cafeterias in India, we are here to offer you with aftercare maintenance as well. We will maintain the café and spa when asked for and will solve any issue if you ever face any. For that, you just have to give us a call.


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