Natural or Artificial Terrace Gardening Service

Terrace Garden happens to be one of the most under0utilized spaces in any house. If you can give due consideration, this place can easily turn into your own personal retreat. A terrace design will always involve more than simple green grass or just growing plants. From the viewpoint of our talented designers from The Drape Arc, multiple garden elements can be well added into the terrace for making this place a better-utilized spot in your house.

Natural or artificial one:

Terrace gardens are mostly available under two major types. One is the natural one and another is the artificial one you can head for. In terms of natural Terrace Garden in Gujarat, there won’t be any use of artificial addition to the place. Right from the grass to the flower or plants, everything will be all natural. You will feel like living in a garden like a state but on your roof.

If you don’t have the patience to grow natural grass, then the artificial turf grass might be a great solution and of instant help. You just have to place the turf on the roof floor and from there, you just need to add some additional plants and furniture to make this place a great retreat for you and our family.

Things you can add:

Once you are through with the greenery part of the Terrace Garden in India, now it is time to learn more about the elements as part of the terrace garden. These additions will be perfect for completing the look of your garden.

  • Terrace bar: It is going to be an equipped and well-designed bar with proper storage for celebrating any kind of special occasion.
  • Outdoor sitting: You can add some sofas and a small coffee table on the terrace, which we will be able to customize just for you. Here, you might have the cup of coffee at your own place with green surrounding.
  • Gazebo: Want to add that level of classiness to your terrace garden? We can help you with that by adding a pergola or gazebo for enjoying your terrace in all weather conditions.

Help from our side:

For us, at The Drape Arc, it is all about proficient terrace garden designing solutions. Right from the basic idea to the construction, and final maintenance, we will cover it all. Moreover, we offer after-care maintenance and warranty services listed in our joint. Just give us a call and let us help you get a quote first.

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