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NRI Real Estate

Home is that place where you can learn to share, laugh, live and forgive. NRIs feel the same way too. It can be a tedious task for them to locate and research real estate premises in India. We, at The Drape Arc, understand the needs deeply and would love to assist NRIs in leasing, buying and selling some of their premises in home country.

Our NRI Real Estate services in India are completed with a strong branded reputation and professional knowledge. We are one of the sought out companies in terms of offering luxurious lifestyles to NRIs. We understand that NRI people are well-travelled individuals with polish and panache. Therefore, we will leave no stone unturned while offering them with the best promising solutions.

NRI real estate with The Drape Arc:

NRI real estate service is associated with the task of expert land property management and counselling administration services. The primary aim of our workers is to specialize in real estate investment services for the NRIs, to help them manage multiple properties in India. The Drape Arc is one such platform, offering committed faculty for conveying coordinated administrations, depending on the sound exploration, prescience, market understanding and applicable business based sector learning.

  • We are able to help NRIs with buying and selling properties in Gujarat. Investing in real estate is not just a basic investment but comes with good returns. It has something more with the payback services.
  • Investments always need to be managed and there is no difference with NRI property. You can count on us for the best ever NRI Real Estate services in Gujarat. Investing without management is a way to lose value and that’s why we offer end to end services.
  • We are preferably offering structured investments in real estate. It is a great way to participate in real estate opportunities without any negativity of unpredictable gains and low liquidity.

Best help from our team:

We provide our NRI clients with the liberty to sell, buy or even rent property. Each property comes with all legalized documents, which will avoid any future issues later. The services come with dedicated 24 x 7 support service. Moreover, our trained financial and legal advisor is here to offer help in investment category.

Why go for our team:

With the help of our extensive network and reach from The Drape Arc, our NRI client assistance is becoming one booming area of expertise.

  • Our team is able to cover the entire spectrum of property purchase in an efficient and expert manner.
  • We will enable you to check, identify shortlist, negotiate and purchase a real estate premises finally, which are best suited to needs.

Partnering with us provides you with the opportunity to learn more about properties in Gujarat, which are great for their investment values.

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