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Our team from The Drape Arc has experience in offering complete Structural engineering services to all the firms around Gujarat. We are down to maintain special tools and some software solutions designed for our work. Moreover, we are hiring and retaining only the best designers and civil engineers in this sector. If that’s not all, we are down to follow international standards and well committed to excel in various aspects of client’s projects when it comes to Structural Engineering Works In Gujarat.

Importance of structural engineering:

Structural design is primarily a methodical and systematic study of a structure’s stability, rigidity and strength to resist force. The basic design intention was to ensure that building will be able to stand the probable loads for the stipulated time.

A structural analysis and design is quite useful and will perform as envisaged only if details provided by our structural engineer is carefully executed during the field of construction. On the other hand, the use of a specified grade of steel, concrete and other materials is also quite important in this stage.

Services to get from our side:

Before you head to us for Structural Engineering Works In India, you might want to know the services we have designed for you. Our services are well-structured to match various needs, depending on product, industry and development cycle, which you need to work with.

  • Structural design and drafting: Our engineers will work on conceptual, prelim and detailed designing projects associated with structural engineering design.
  • Structural fabrication drawing: Our qualified drafters are here to utilize the latest technology to best potential for producing the widest range of structural fabrication drawings.
  • Structural steel details: We have a separate team of steel detailers, whose main job is to cater to the company’s needs and provide excellent steel detail, design and structural drawing.
  • Structural shop drawing: Our designers and architects will follow regular check-ups of material amounts, which sub-contractors on the project will propose to make. They will definitely make the task easier.
  • Structural finite element analysis and modeling: We have extensive experience in finite element analysis for testing or validating design. It works to uncover unexpected issues, developed during the constructional procedure.

Get to choose us now:

People love us for our experience with structural engineering services. We are training our staff continuously for assuring adherence to industrial defined practice. Our data security facilities will be monitored and improved continuously so that you don’t have to worry about file corruption, data security or lost work.

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