Residential & Commercial Arcitecture Designer

More and more people are now aiming towards experts to help them with their Architecture Design In Gujarat, because of experience and unending knowledge. We, at The Drape Arc, can be one such name to list out. After an assessment of our client’s requirements, we are all proud to offer expert service across entire lifecycle of the project. Right from the development of brief and a budget, architectural to engineering services, we have everything covered just for your use. Our services are later followed by cost management and procurement services during commissioning and construction phases.

Types of architectural services available:

For the betterment of our client’s navigation, we have segmented our architectural services under multiple heads. So, before you finalize on our tasks, let’s just discuss a bit more about our architectural services.

Pre-design and designing services:

  • Site selection
  • Supporting statutory permits and approvals
  • Brief development and project budgeting
  • Master or site planning
  • Geotechnical investigation and site survey advice
  • Structural design and plumbing design
  • Proof checking and site infrastructure design
  • Lighting, electrical and ELV system design
  • Fire protection and HVAC design
  • Piping and mechanical utility based designs

Cost management and procurement:

  • Strategy and preliminary cost estimation
  • Bid or tender documents
  • Pre-qualification of bidders
  • Management of the bidding process
  • Advise on the constructional agreements and independent cost audits

Constructional phase services:

  • Residential services
  • Site staff hiring help
  • Contract administration and management
  • Closing contracts
  • Facility management based guidelines

Architectural practice and its importance:

For a novice, going through a building’s architectural plan is next to impossible. For that, you need an expert and that’s why we are here to help. We are able to create that perfect architectural practice, which is completely devoted to simplicity. We will further create some of the meaningful spaces, which will definitely enhance life’s quality.

Why people choose us:

We believe that nothing can top the beauty of honesty. And you will find that in our architectural designing quotes.

  • You don’t have to worry about commissions while working with us. We will not accept commissions from contractors or even vendors. It helps us to maintain our level of transparency and take proper decisions.
  • We follow a simple fee structure and not on the percentage basis for our Architecture Design In India. We will charge on the square feet basis and know what is right for us.
  • Through us, you will enjoy honest commitment all the time. So, anything we commit, we will deliver it soon!

So to cover all your architectural designs, a call at +91 8140656537, +91 7698939892 is all you need.

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