Civil Construction Services

Civil Construction Service

Civil Construction is basically the creation of infrastructure, involving earth, water and transport. It is a primary branch of the civil engineering, which is involved with design, maintenance and construction of the physically and naturally built environments like railways, roads, water reservoirs, buildings, airports, sub-divisions, sewer systems, dams and tunnel. Our Civil Construction in Gujarat, namely The Drape Arc comprises of interesting involvement in the field of planning, creation and even designing of our client’s infrastructure.

Noteworthy name in the field of civil construction:

Being a reputed name in the field of civil construction, we are proud to work for government and private clients. Right from creation to maintenance of public infrastructure, we have everything under control.

  • We have worked with clients, governments and other professionals.
  • We will study, evaluate and investigate building sites and land for possible creation of the infrastructure.
  • We will always adhere to government based guidelines, and even that of clients and local bodies while creating, planning and even maintaining infrastructure.
  • Our team of trained engineers will create cost estimates and contracts, and will hire the talented contractors to cover the deals well.

Following the finest business logic:

The goal and focus of The Drape Arc is quite simple. Our main aim is to meet our client’s requirements with advanced technology by our side. We always intend to conduct businesses in economically and environmentally safe way.  We create value for our multiple clients and ensure offering dedication, total satisfaction and even commitment. Thanks to our years of experience and knowledge, we have already achieved greater milestones and would like to continue our journey in this positive manner.

Why choose us:

Even though the market houses so many firms in the field of Civil Construction in India, we, at The Drape Arc leads the chart and for some reasons.

  • Our firm is founded upon strong work ethics, integrity and abilities. We have our people are partners providing clients with highest set of satisfaction in every project.
  • We believe our people to be the biggest asset. We hire and retain only the best names in the market. Our philosophy is to encourage personal growth and also promoting services from dedicated group of staffs.
  • With so many years of unconditional help, we have already built trusted and strong relationship with our sub-contractors, clients and suppliers.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at our official number or ensure to contact us through email now.


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